Sand Camp 2013 - San Diego | Review

This weekend (01/26/13) was the annual Sand Camp in San Diego, for Drupalers near and far. I have been to 5 of these events now and overall and I think the event was fun. One thing I'm sure was a bummer for travelers was the cold(er) and rainy conditions the day of the event. 

Unfortunately, I can't attend every training session but the ones I did, were awesome! My overall favorite was Jeff Linwood's Android Development Training class, it was hands on and we built a basic Android app in class. The other Sessions I attended included Coding with Commerce (by druroot) and Speed. I am Speed. (by Rich Yumul). It's amazing what you can learn in just a few hours. If you haven''t attended on of these events I encourage you to do so.

The most inspiring moments were delivered by guest speaker Ezra Gildesgame. He highlighted the importance of being active in the Drupal community and how important it is to help as users and benefactors of Drupal and to give back. He broke down different stereotypes and why people don't contribute back to the community. I definitely fall into the category of "I'm too busy" stereo type, but I actually searched for a project last night that seems interesting and will definitely help make Drupal better Media Browser Plus. I know it going to be challenge, but for the hours of my life I have gotten back because of Drupal I feel it's my duty to give a some back.

All in all this event was a success in my opinion, I met some great people, the vibe was positive, and the Drupal was in the air. See you in 2014, Sand Camp!

Anthony Howe