Color Module Implementation | Custom Theming

The Color Module is an awesome and enticing module if your a serious themer that want's to create one theme with an assortmant of colors. This can be a real challenge however if you are not aware of a few conveats to watch out for. First, I'll start by pointing you in the right direction to resources I used. 

  1. wunderkraut Part 1
  2. wunderkraut Part 2
  3. color module api info
  4. useful comment for bartik method
  5. Power Point Presentation _ I seen this presentation at drupal camp LA 2012

A key piece of getting this to work is to be aware there are two potential approaches. The first approach is the Garland method. This approach uses the color module overwrite grey.png's with color (eg. header.png, bg.png, etc). The second method is the Bartik way. This approach uses the Color Module to match and then overwrite the theme css hex color codes for . You can also do a blended method but I haven't tried it. Knowing this key bit of information in the begining would have been a real bonus. Personally, I like the Bartik way over the Garland way.

The next thing to watch out for is that the Color Module is extremely finicky about uppercase characters in your hex color codes. Hex code alpha characters must be lower case. 

The next tip I'll throw out there is regarding testing and/or troubleshooting. You'll be doing a lot of drush dis color, drush en color, and of course drush cc all. Simple drush cc all's don't seem to clear out the variables everytime.

Hopefully this post helps. Till next time.

Best regards,

Anthony Howe


*Edit ( Make sure that there is a color.css file or it will not work correctly. Color Module generates a css file located in sites/default/files/etc. This is an overide file. It will not work without it.)